Camo Wedding Cakes in Camouflage Wedding Theme 2017/18

18 Dec , 2016

 Looking for the perfect Camo Wedding Cakes in Camouflage Wedding ThemeWedding cake should contain your wedding theme, at least contain your wedding decoration color. Camo wedding cakes for example. If you use it as your wedding cake, then you have to really concern and connect it with your wedding theme. Make sure you have the same concept as it. So, when you put this theme, you have to be ready with camo wedding dress and also camo wedding ring. What do you think by having this kind of wedding theme? Do yo wish to have a camouflage wedding? Hopefully, then meaning is not like that.

camo wedding cakes women’s

Camo wedding cakes  just like the usual wedding cakes which need something that we called toppers. This is an option for you. You can make camo toppers, and also camo cake appearance. You also can make only one between both option. You can choose different toppers with camo cover on your cake, or you can change it. However, whatever it is, you need to be really concern in he color of your camo toppers with your cake covers. Honestly, the taste of wedding cake can not be the first and important aspect because people will make style and appearance of the cake as the first impression. That is the reason of why you only need to concern on the cake appearance. Not all of the audience will eat your wedding cake too.

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Camo wedding cakes can be applied in square or round shape of your cake. those are the same and still look great. The thing that you have to know is about the height of your cake. The higher your cake, the more budget that you need. Toppers usually small and people will see it when you got the high cake. So you can put on the top which is very high. All you need to know and concern about camo theme has been discussed. Do not forget to keep everything in camo and be the real camo couple.

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