DIY Wedding Flowers Are Really Save Your Money 2017

23 Dec , 2016

 Looking for the perfect DIY Wedding Flowers Are Really Save Your MoneyFlorists have the knowledge enabling us to ensure that your dream bouquet and decor are idealized without breaking the bank. We know which flowers are in season when, and how to achieve a certain specific look to make it as DIY wedding flowers . It is important to know which flower can be used where, which ones are going to give you trouble, and how long it takes certain flowers to open up, allowing them to look just perfect on your wedding day. We are familiar with the product and are capable of conveying a luxurious look while utilizing affordable flowers – which ones give you the biggest bang for your buck.

diy wedding flowers hydrangeas


You would think this translates into ‘the least expensive flowers’, but actually that is not always the case. For example: at certain times of the year when the peonies are at their best, it becomes cheaper to work with 5 peonies as opposed to roses. This is because the peonies are so large, pretty and full that they make a greater impact compared to 5 roses. But do you know when that time is? We do. Because we design for so many weddings, we also know that you are able to ‘re-use’ a lot of the designs as different elements throughout several parts of your wedding. As an example, we can suggest to brides, re-using your church decor as part of the decoration at the reception, or setting the bridal party’s flowers in vases along the head table. Now that’s where you can save some money, if you plan ahead by making DIY wedding flowers on your wedding.

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One of the biggest mistakes brides tend to make, is getting their heart set on a specific flower and not being willing to compromise. This is a huge road block, because although most flowers are available year round, that is not guarantee that they look good all year round or that they are affordable for your budget. As a professional, they suggest to most of  brides, to work with the flowers that are in season during the time you are getting married. You, just like the professional, has ability to achieve a certain look and feeling you have dreamed about within the flower choices available, and in the colors you are working with as your DIY wedding flowers.

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