First Night Real Romance Comes Naturally by The Time 2017

10 Dec , 2016

 Today I have brought of First Night Real Romance Comes Naturally by The TimeGone are the days when brides and grooms wait until marriage to make love for the first time. With the exception of those whose religious beliefs require them to be virgins until marriage, few people today refrain from physical intimacy before becoming a newlywed. Still, when the reception is over and you and your new spouse find yourselves alone, you’ll want that first night as married people to be special and extra romantic. You can make it a night to remember whether you have never been with one another or you have lived together for years. So, let’s prepare your first night real romance .

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Choose the right place to spend your first night. If you’re looking for romance, then you should retreat to a hotel room or your own home together for the evening. Leave your entourage behind and focus on each other. Those who have had destination weddings might already be in a luxurious resort on a beautiful island somewhere. But even if you’re in your own hometown in small-town America, you should pick a place where you can be alone, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Next, you have to bring food with you. Many newlyweds are so busy greeting guests and dancing at the reception that they do not get much to eat. Ask your caterer to give you a dogie bag or make sure the hotel or wherever you end up staying has fruit or some other snacks on hand. You might be starving when the party is over and a growling stomach can ruin the mood and your desire. That is only first night real romance before the main point.

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Here is your main point of first night real romance. Pick the right undergarments. Brides and grooms spend a lot of time dressing up for the wedding. But they should also make sure their undergarments make them feel sexy and presentable to their spouse. Wearing something fun for only the eyes of your partner can be a real turn on. Women, of course, have more options than men. For the ladies, a slinky white nightgown, pretty thong, and garter might do the trick. And men might prefer a simple silk boxer. Be true to yourself. The important thing is that you choose something that makes you feel both comfortable and desirable. Have flowers and candles at the ready. Set the stage for romance with rose petals that lead to the bed and soft candles lighting the space. Wedding planners often prepare the hotel room for couples, but you can do it yourself if you planned your event solo. Decorating your room adds to the ambiance with the aroma of flowers and the mellow candlelight, but also helps set this night apart from any other you might spend together. Treat each other to something special. Run a bath for your spouse. Give each other massages. Have love letters waiting on each other’s pillows. Do something romantic and out of the ordinary for one another to show how happy you are to finally be married. You have announced your love to the world; now announce it again to one another. Nothing could be more special first night real romance than that.

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