Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands are the Gentle Side of Them 2016/17

12 Dec , 2016

 Today I have brought of Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands are the Gentle Side of Them Men’s white gold wedding bands are the most popular bands. The normal color make men become confident when they used it. Both yellow and white gold bands are actually with varying degrees of purity. Gold in natural form is very soft to work with, it should be forged with stronger metals in order to be used in production. Yellow gold rings are mixed with metals like copper to preserve their natural yellow color, while white gold is made by mixing gold with white metals such as silver or palladium. Color of a gold ring has nothing to do with the amount of gold in a ring. Both white and yellow gold are rated in karats depending on the amount of gold to other metal ratio. Whether white or yellow , an 18 karat wedding bands is always composed of 75 percent pure gold.

men’s white gold wedding bands popular

When the men’s white gold wedding bands are manufactured they are slightly coated with another white metal called Rhodium which shares many of the properties of platinum including its white color. In fact, white gold has an off-white color that is slightly yellow in color without the shine of a yellow gold. The rhodium plating is used to make the white gold look more white. Rhodium coating is very white and very hard; but, it can wear off in a couple of years depending on how rough you are on the rings. All white gold rings need to be serviced with new coatings at one time or another to keep it looking brand new.

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With so many “white” metals on the market, such as titanium, white tungsten, cobalt chrome and platinum, one would think that white gold has lost its luster, but just the opposite is true. Men are choosing white gold look like because they appreciate the qualities of white gold but they know that aside from platinum, none of these alternative metals have intrinsic value. In other words, no one is investing their hard-earned money in titanium or stainless steel; they’re investing in gold because it is considered a “precious metal.” Granted, when you buy men’s white gold wedding bands, you are probably not looking at it as a commodity, but there is something special about wearing a ring with intrinsic value.

men’s white gold wedding bands with black diamonds