Penguin wedding Cake Toppers for Loyal Love 2016/17

20 Dec , 2016

 Today my post is unfolding simple, elegant and stylish Penguin wedding Cake Toppers for Loyal LovePenguin wedding cake toppers is suitable with any cake shape, such as round or square. No matter how many tiers that you will have, the penguin will look good on  your wedding cake. You can choose the small penguins as the topper, so it will look cute on your cake, or you can choose the penguins like in happy feet movie, who is thinner and higher than usual penguin. About the color of your wedding cake, it doesn’t matter what color do you want to have, the important thing is you know if it will match very well with your penguin color and characteristic. Another thing that you need to concern is about the wedding theme. If you use winter wedding theme, it will be very suit with your decoration of your wedding cake and penguins.

penguin wedding cake topper romance

Penguin wedding cake toppers should be put on the good spot. For example, do not make a too high wedding cake because it makes your toppers are hidden. It is because of you will not make the toppers size are too big. It will look weird on your wedding cake then. Perception will always different. When you think your outfit is beautiful, your friend will have different perception about it. It is back to you again. Do you want to satisfied every single eyes or do you want to satisfied yourself? It is also happened in anything that you want. Choose the suit shape of your wedding cake at first, then decide about the grade, after it, put the toppers on the right spot.

penguin wedding cake topper sweet