Simple Wedding Cake Gives the Glamour Taste of Wedding 2016/17

11 Dec , 2016

 I am here with yet another exciting post of Simple Wedding Cake Gives the Glamour Taste of WeddingIf you think something simple is can not to look elegant and glamour, then you got the wrong mind. Something simple can look elegant and still can be glamour depended on how you manage it. For example, Simple wedding cake . This kin of cake may contain something simple, but still full of the fabulous taste with fabulous style of appearance. The color of the cake will make people attracted and surprise to taste it. Choose the match color with your decoration, then everything will look more beautiful.

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Simple wedding cake can be in square or round size, depends on what do you want to have. The common use one is round cake. Round with the stairs which make it looks like pyramid still become the popular wedding cake. If you want something simple, you can use round cake with only two until three upper. Then, about the color, you can choose white or pink, depends on what you like and also your wedding dress. Pure white also will be a good idea to look simple. The elegant side will be show from the buttercream that used to make the design. In every side of buttercrem, there will be strawberry which will look sweet on your cake. Very simple, isn’t it?

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Simple wedding cake can not stop until you get the design of your cake and also the color. You have to find the wedding cake toppers that will be very suitable for your wedding theme. however, you can use the simple toppers, by only put you and your groom initial name on it. Next idea is put the simple stone or small statue of wedding couple. I you want something simpler, you canput a flag which at the top of it there is your couple photo. That is amazing and simple!

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