Tina Andrean Wedding Dress is a Big Proud of Bridal Styles 2017

16 Dec , 2016

 Today my post is all about stylish Tina Andrean Wedding Dress is a Big Proud of Bridal StylesTina Andrean is one of the famous wedding designer from Indonesia. Her designs have been promoted and applied in international communities. It is a kind of different proud if we can wear her design for our wedding. Tina Andrean wedding dress is not less than another international wedding designer style. She keep the Asian accent in her design, so if you are proud to be Asean,this is one way to show everyone about your proud.

tina andrean wedding dress collection

Tina Andrean wedding dress is play mostly in white color. To see the purity and the holy things of the wedding ceremony, this color of dress can be a good choice for you. No matter your body shape and size, this dress cover all body size and shape. If you a lace follower, you do not have to worry because your favorite lace also cover by Tina Andrean. Open back wedding dress, wedding dress with lace and sleeves are the option for you. According to Tina, the gown pengantin in the Christian ceremony this could be equipped with bolero that used the Italia material lace, silk tulle, and the application embroidery with hand beadings and crystal swarovski as the touch of the end. For the last reception ceremony, Tina gave two choices of the theme of the reception gown for the bride. The first theme was shown with the gown pengantin informal that was impressed simple and elegant from the material silk the Duchess with train 2 metre that was very exact for the formal marriage reception. The theme of the two gowns pengantin formal tried Tina produced with the romantic and elegant collection.  So, you can choose now and make a differences of formal or informal wedding ceremony that you want to do.

tina andrean wedding dress women’s

Tina Andrean wedding dress is included into modern wedding dress category. Most of her designs are modern designs. So, you do not need to be worried about anything. Although it is modern, there is also a classic side and accent on her design. It is a really a big proud of Asean bride to wear her design in their wedding.

tina andrean wedding dress