Tungsten Wedding Bands Facts Before Choosing 2016/17

18 Dec , 2016

 I hope my effort of compiling the finest comfortable Tungsten Wedding Bands Facts Before ChoosingTungsten has been used as a jewelry-making metal for only the last 10 years. Tungsten originated as a metal commonly used in the aerospace industry because of its highest melting point, 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the highest melting point of all metals. However, tungsten is not a good jewelry making material when used alone because it is highly vulnerable to damage such as scratches or dents. But when it is combined with carbon alloy, it becomes tungsten carbide, a metal that becomes two times as hard as steel, four times as hard as titanium, and highly resistant to scratches. The only way to mar tungsten carbide is with a diamond scratch or a hammer strike. Read more before you choose tungsten wedding bands as your key point of wedding.

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Tungsten wedding bands cannot be re-sized because of its extreme hardness, so it is very important that you get the proper size for your ring when ordering. Engraving a tungsten engagement ring is also a challenge because of its hardness. Engraving is possible, but it will be so faint that it may not be worth the price. This is what men usually like. Engraving something is what men like to do because it can explore their art side.

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Your tungsten wedding bands can be combined with inlaid silver, gold, or platinum. A channel is cut into the tungsten carbide and the precious metal is compressed into the channel under enormous pressure. The ring is polished into a permanent shine that can’t be achieved with other metals. Your choice of a tungsten wedding bands will last for several lifetimes. It is the perfect thing to pass down generation after generation as a family heirloom. If you are looking for beauty and endurance, you will make the right choice in a tungsten engagement ring, or tungsten as your wedding ring material. Make the precious wedding ring ever!

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