Wedding Invitation Wording Full of Pray and Hope 2017/18

12 Dec , 2016

 Latest Wedding Invitation Wording Full of Pray and HopeGetting married is mostly peoples’ want. Celebrate the wedding event is such as a glad feeling for them. Glad and happiness should be share with others. That is why, the bride and groom wanna be invite you to attend their wedding ceremony. Wedding invitation wording should include the name of the bride and the groom, can be add the name of each parent too. The location, the time, the dress code if the couple want to have wedding theme in their wedding. Do not forget to put the small map of the location in the invitation. The last, the hope or pray word can be add to make the invitation better and the guest will pray for the couple happiness too.

wedding invitation wording casual

The paper of wedding invitation is different in each couple. Some of them will use the blink paper or the thick one. Whatever it is, the most important thing is the wedding invitation wording that put on the invitation card. About the sample of invitation words, you can search it or follow the normal and usual word. If you want to challenge yourself in the way you make it, you can be creative on it. Put the couple photo can be a good idea too with the beautiful words on it. Make sure you make your wedding invitation wording in the center of paper.

wedding invitation wording etiquette

Wedding invitation wording can be simple, can be long, depends on how you want to manage the paper size with the words. foor example : Margareth Swan and Kevin Pattinson together with their parent Mr. and Mrs Swan and Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson want to invite you to attend in their wedding ceremony that will held in July, 20th, women’s in Buckingham Hotel, Paradiso road no 55 at 07.00 PM. We really hope and wish you as our honor guest can attend in our wedding ceremony. For your information, wedding dress code is Green. Thank you very much for your attendance. Best regards, Margareth Swan and Kevin Pattinson.

wedding invitation wording samples