Wedding Ring Tattoos for Forever Love Nailed 2017/18

22 Dec , 2016

 Today my post is unfolding simple, elegant and stylish Wedding Ring Tattoos for Forever Love NailedAre you afraid to lose your wedding rings? Then, if you are the busy women or men and afraid to use wedding ring, you need other thing that will glued to your finger. Wedding ring tattoos are the best option. It will not get rush as what usually rings do.

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Celebrities including Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, and model Mia Tyler and her fiance, musician Dave Buckner, are the most public faces sporting these tats, but they’re not just for famous people. It’s a great option for doctors, mechanics, and others who can’t wear rings while they’re working. Generally, it’s also initially less expensive, less than $100 per person, although you’ll need to get it touched up as the years go on. You’ll be making some powerful statements to each other and the world at large. Your tattooed wedding ring will say that you trust enough in the relationship to have a permanent symbol of it on your body. You’ll also be showing that marriage doesn’t mean that you’re too conservative to be inked. The disadvantage of course is that tattooed wedding rings will never come off. No matter how secure you feel in your relationship now, consider carefully how you’ll feel if the relationship dissolves but the tattoo doesn’t. You’ll have to be willing to live with the ring, go through painful and expensive tattoo removal, or find a way to modify the design. Wedding ring tattoos can be changed someday when you are split with your partner.

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If you like the idea of a  wedding ring tattoos, but are worried about the downsides, another alternative is to get a tattoo of your new spouse’s name or your wedding date, on a less visible part of the body. You could also exchange traditional rings. Or, if your fiancee already has a tattoo that you like, you could ask an engraver or jewelry maker to custom-make a wedding ring for you that incorporates that design. It will have some of the same edginess of the tattooed wedding ring without the downsides. Make sure the ink is the best ink ever!

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