Wedding Shower Ideas Make Your Imagination Active 2017

22 Dec , 2016

 I have been madly looking for new sort of Wedding Shower Ideas Make Your Imagination ActiveIt is not an easy things to prepare the wedding shower.  We have to know the appropriate food to serve, the decoration, and the venue. Here is some of the wedding shower ideas for you. Check it out!

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The English afternoon tea can be an elegant gathering in a sitting room for the ladies or an outdoor spread right out of Jane Austen’s Emma. Keep in mind that the best resorts in the world often plan an afternoon High Tea, at which they serve several different types of hot tea, iced tea, scones, petite fours and other baked treats. So planning a tea as a bridal shower theme is like hosting it at the Four Seasons, Caneel Bay in St. John or another celeb favorite resort! If you are outdoors, set up tables under wide umbrellas or find a shady spot under an arbor or big willow tree for an al fresco tea party. Indoors, appoint a lovely sitting room with well dressed tables, including fine china and crystal in different but coordinating colors and patterns. Attach small floral bunches to the backs of chairs or to napkin rings for an added dose of high society style. About the menu, tea sandwiches, crudites, smoked salmon, fruit and nut breads, scones and crumpets, mini quiches, petit fours and pastries, fruit covered meringues, and a beautifully decorated circular cake with lacy swirled icing and pastel colored flowers. It is a simple wedding shower ideas, isn’t it?

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Decorate your venue with flower shower can be another choice of wedding shower ideas. Plan the shower entirely around the bride’s favorite flower, such as a calla lily, bright pink Gerber daisy, gardenia, rose or other pretty bloom for a theme that’s ultra easy to incorporate into your party plans.  Bring an outdoor garden bench or outdoor swing inside, along with a gardener’s wheelbarrow filled with potted flowers. If the party takes place outside on a friend’s terrace before a pretty, bloomed garden, your decor tasks just got a whole lot easier since Mother Nature picked up the tab. Standard party menu fare, with thoughtful floral presentations like edible flower petals sprinkled over an entree or dessert, full-stemmed roses lined along the buffet table, daisy designs piped onto the cake, cupcakes or petite fours with flower-shaped, brightly-frosted sugar cookies. Since flowers are fresh and natural, carry that theme into your gourmet an organic party menu with lush salads and fresh fruits and seafood bites rather than greasy fried dishes and appetizers. The fresher and healthier your menu especially with creative presentations of standard party fare like chicken skewers and shrimp cocktail, the happier your guests will be! And if you decorate the cake with fresh flowers, be sure to use only safe flowers as recommended by a florist or on a gourmet food web site roses are fine, as are impatiens.

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