White Cowgirl Boots Wedding: Country and Western Theme 2017/18

22 Dec , 2016

 I hope my effort of compiling the finest comfortable White Cowgirl Boots Wedding: Country and Western Theme

In the1960s, America’s suburban obsession with Western apparel began. It started when television shows like “Gunsmoke” and “Bonanza” captured the imagination of boys and girls glued to the screen. At that time, cowboy boots were cool and every kid wanted a real Western hat. Nowadays, Western wear clothing has gained steadily in popularity since country music went mainstream.

In many occasions, you can wear Western apparel whether you want to look old-school like Hank Williams Jr. or cutting edge like Carrie Underwood, make the right statement. Most Western choose the right outfit for the right occasion. Besides, they also pay attention to other items like hats and boots. Those items can help them stand out while being appropriately dressed.

As the Western apparel becomes well-known again, the number of weddings using Western theme is increasing, too. White cowgirl boots wedding is trending. Probably there are still many people wondering why the cowboy boots as a part of a big day. There are some reasons. Well, they are more comfy than a 4 inch heel alternative. Then, you can make really fun pictures. Besides, you will feel different, for sure. You don’t have to be country to love this style because after all they are hidden. You can start by picking a loud color, vintage pattern or crazy design.

Cowgirl boots are a fashion statement and white cowgirl boots wedding is here to prepare. Whether you ride at the ranch or make your rounds on Rodeo Drive, there is a cowgirl boot that fits your personality. You don’t have to be Southern or even a countrified bride to rock cowgirl boots.

Cowgirl boots work great for outdoor or late summer weddings, where you just want to kick off your heels and dance in the grass. You can get a great photo at your white cowgirl boots wedding by pulling up your dress to reveal the rugged footwear underneath your glamorous white gown. Then, your bridesmaids can wear the cowgirl boots, too. Celebrity bride Miranda Lambert put her bridesmaids in cowgirl boots. Brides just love the idea of rocking cowgirl boots themselves like Reese Witherspoon. She switched out her Jimmy Choos for a pair at her March women’s reception.