5 rules for a happy honeymoon


Honeymoon time special and unique. This no doubt when even the wife will be able to travel light? I’m not referring to suitcases, and emotional baggage-no feelings about repairs, mortgage and other small but inevitable domestic worries.

Joint recreation after the wedding is very important to family relations is a soft transition from free living together when you can learn new hand each other out dishes with soup on the stove and utensils in the sink.

However, there is one subtle point that should not be ignored. On vacation alone with each other, we can’t always escape from conflict and have no such luxury, how to accept having a change of scenery. To honeymoon brought young family only pleasant discoveries, it is desirable to take into account several nuances.

1. Choosing a location, try to take into account the wishes of a loved one, but also their dreams don’t neglect. After all, if one can spend hours lying on the golden sand, others seek to bypass walking the floor of the globe. Ignoring it, you can convert the rest in test and hear accusations of selfishness. Fortunately, you can always choose a country with diverse landscapes and developed cultural life, where you can sunbathe and zherlu extinct volcano climb, and go to museums.

2. discuss vacation budget in advance, price category of restaurants and entertainment, determine the amount you spend on new clothes and stuff. And yet try to be flexible on this issue, because the honeymoon time unique.

3. Try not to deny each other’s personal space and vice versa-even schedule the time you will devote yourself only. This could be a yoga class at a local Studio or a massage, which will please you and your loved one will give time for yourself, and give you the opportunity to meet, share experiences.

4. Do not miss rest effect of spontaneity. Of course, to let everything take its course is also not the best idea, but hard timing would inevitably cause tension and frustration due to the slightest deviations. Make a list of the principal classes and places you want to visit, and then adhere to the weather and mood.

5. Try to rest a set of family rules, which will come into force from the moment of their return home. For example, to please each other unusual breakfast every Sunday, not putting up things on the chairs and armchairs, at least once a month to watch a film in a genre that adores her husband, provided that he will take part in photo shoots for special family occasions. Rules can be serious and not very, simple and complex, and some even brave-on a warm Beach hear domestic preference is quite safe. If you see the embarrassment of a loved one, just don’t put the item in the list and run to bathe in the sea!

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