How do I tell my parents that you will have a wedding


Most parents perceive children as your own personal wedding celebration. And it is not surprising that they want to talk about the celebration around the world and invite approximately half of those to whom they told. How to inform them that your plans is not included?

If you dream of a wedding Chamber, and your parents are eager to invite all the distant relatives, friends and colleagues, you will have a difficult conversation. Follow these 4 rules, so it went smoothly and no one stayed mad.

Rule 1. Notify gently.

Avoid negativity in conversation. Parents and so will be disappointed, therefore, do not start the conversation with the statement that they are not entitled you specify. Tell us about the reasons for his decision: that you would like to share this moment with only the closest; that you have a limited budget; What platform you choose for the wedding will not be able to accommodate up to 200 people. Be honest and tactful.

Rule 2. Allow parents to offer their version.

Up to you, but still let the parents tell how they see your wedding. If the problem only in the budget, perhaps, parents are willing to propose financial assistance for you to invite more guests. But if the case is not about money, of course, you don’t have to agree.

Another compromise is to invite only close to the ceremony, and many relatives and friends of the parents to arrange a small brunch or light lunch buffet, the other day.

Rule 3. Tell about how many guests can invite your parents.

Ogovorites immediately how many people may invite parents, whether it’s zero or 10. Otherwise later you don’t avoid another unpleasant conversation, when they will give a list of the names of the 50 relatives, which simply needs to call for celebration.

Rule 4. Remember that this is your wedding, not theirs.

Not worth reporting it to parents at every opportunity, but you know that all decisions regarding their own celebrations take only you and your beloved. And even if your mom and dad were counting on large-scale reception for 150 people and upset that all will not, on their wedding day they will be happy and satisfied. By the way, for a dinner on the 10 people they can all see your happy face (not what in the great Hall) is another great argument in favor of the Chamber.

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