How to choose a place for a wedding


Find a place for a wedding is one of the most important and complicated preparations for the main items of the day. How big should it be? On what points need to pay special attention to? How to draw up a short-list of halls and restaurants from the many available? This is a list of the principal factors that will help you quickly understand exactly what you need.

1. Season

Of course, the type of platform primarily depends on the season. During the summer you can shop around levels, tents and lawns, in winter, the only option will be a covered playground hotel, banquet hall or restaurant. Another important point is the coldest time of the year you will need to organize a wardrobe for guests.

2. How much will the guests

The next thing you should consider is the number of invited guests. Make at least approximate the guest list before you choose. And keep in mind that someone invited can lead “+1” without telling you, or the circumstances make you invite someone who wasn’t on the list, so it is better to choose a room capacity to more than 5-10 will have you at the wedding.

3. Cocktail buffet or banquet?

Depending on the format of the holiday you need to be big or smaller area, for buffet where guests standing or strolling around the Court, do not need as much space as for banquet where all are seated. Average capacity in -2 1.5 times more people in the format of buffet table than in the format of a banquet.

Ideal for larger weddings in warmer months — hotel with a large territory. Booking a room, you get access to a huge space where it will be possible to exit the ceremony and photo walks during the evening and complete your holiday fire shows or fireworks.

4. The script

And the last important factor — the script. Whether you have an exit ceremony? If so, it will need a separate playground.

It is also important to understand, would you share space on any zone or not. Perhaps you need a lounge area, stage, dance floor. If in the case of a simple banquet per person shall be at least 1.8 square meters, with a view of the dance floor and stage — at least 2 square meters. Thus, if you plan to invite 100 people, then you need the premise of not less than 200 square meters.

If your holiday will be performing artists, they may have their own requirements as a premise. In this case it is necessary to take into account the even and high ceilings, space for appliances, a make-up room and a room for equipment and costumes.





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