How to choose wedding musicians


You’ve decided to invite to the wedding music band? This is a great idea! Don’t know where to start looking? Before you 5 of the short instruction basic steps that will help you quickly and easily find your dream team.

Step 1. Make a plan.

The first thing you need to decide on the venue, which will host the celebration. How big and how it is equipped technically, depends on the choice of musicians. Some groups prefer to speak on the big stage and require that music equipment was provided, while others choose Chamber events and carry your equipment with you.

Think about what kind of budget you set for musicians, and how many groups you want to invite. Maybe it will be some musicians for the rest of the evening, or as different groups at the ceremony and banquet.

And don’t forget that musicians are touring, and some of them are so popular that they have painted for the year ahead. Contact group as soon as possible and book your date.

Step 2. Start your quest.

Where and how to find musicians? Of course, you want the wedding musicians created the necessary atmosphere for the guests liked and remembered lyric songs during the ceremony and fun dancing at the end of the evening. So invite unfamiliar and unknown musicians, of which this is the first time you hear is not the best option.

Think: you probably have noted some groups at concerts or festivals? If you like what they play, you might want to see them on your celebration? Of course, you should consider a musical genre and style: not all musicians who disrupted a standing ovation at a bar or Club, look and sound will be organically at a wedding.

And don’t forget that musicians are touring, and some of them are so popular that they have painted for the year ahead. Contact group as soon as possible and book your date.

Step 3. Ask the musicians to questions.

Before inviting the band can give them important questions and get answers.

-How many people in the Group? (From this, probably, will depend not only the size of the fee, but the script and performances).

-What instruments they play? (You must make sure that this group will be able to convey exactly the sound that you’re expecting).

-How flexible they have style? (Some musicians play only in one style and not ready to change arrangements specifically for your celebrations).

-Can they play songs that you choose? (Some groups offer their ready-made show and used songs. They can be very high quality, but probably you want to include in the track listing and other, important for you composition).

-Whether or not they were willing to observe a dress code? (We recommend you to get acquainted with the musicians before you conclude a contract with them, or at least to show actual footage to understand how these people dress up and behave on stage. you want to group are organically blended in the style of your celebration?)

Step 4. Decide the details.

When you have chosen musicians time to discuss all the details. At the conclusion of the contract, make sure that there were marked all the items that are important to you. Necessary equipment (and who should provide it), the start time and the end of the concert, the size and shape of the payment program.

About the program worth talk separately. Good musicians don’t really like it when they are given a list of songs that you want to perform, and not allowed to improvise. If it is important for you to have the wedding there were any specific composition, inform. But it is not necessary to compile the playlist for the group for the rest of the evening, it is better to show them a list of their favorite songs or songs that you think are good will sound at the celebration. So musicians will understand what you like and make a program tailored to your preferences. Of course, you can ask to show you the final song list, when it is ready, and if necessary correct.

Step 5. Don’t forget about gratitude.

As the musicians spend on your wedding at least several hours, make sure that they were comfortable. Keep the dressing room or recreation room, group, make sure that they have enough food, water and other beverages.





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