How to choose wedding rings


Selection of engagement rings. Even if you already have the ring itself, read our instructions, not to be mistaken with the purchase. We will tell you about 5 main points worth considering when searching for wedding rings.

For a long time been considered a classic gold wedding rings yellow and Red hues, but now there are no rules. Couples choose rings made of silver, gold of any color, Platinum, titanium.
In the case of silver you should consider that this is a soft metal, and thus the rings (especially subtle) are prone to warping and scratches. In addition, silver darkens, and these decorations will need to clean to regain its former luster.
Platinum rings are the most durable, resistant to chemicals and even do not lose their shine, but are much more precious than gold.
Titan is also very durable and not so expensive metal.

Choosing the shape and thickness of rings, you should consider how they will look on your hands.
The long and thin fingers better sit graceful thin rings, broad is massive. If the fingers are thin and short or wide and long, it is better to choose ring medium-thick, not too thin and not too massive.

Choose jewelry with a smooth surface. Even if the rings there is a carving or pattern, they should not cling to clothes. The sizes of the rings also stands to pick up very carefully, because these decorations should not crush or, on the contrary, tumbling down with the fingers. Choose the best rings in the evening and during warm weather (or in a well heated room). Do not try on rings at the frozen fingers or early in the morning — so you can buy smaller rings, than you need to.






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