How to choose wedding shoes


If you do not want at the end of your wedding day be finished though barefoot walk, just to get rid of shoes or sandals, grab your shoes only with very comfortable pad. Shoes or sandals must not press, rub, squeeze, even if the first fitting. Buying, do not hurry to take off stickers. Browse in new shoes at home, to assess how the feet comfortably, and if necessary to pass back to the shop. Generally, the longer you wear a wedding couple to the main day, the easier it will become.

If you’re not used to wearing heels, not worth to choose wedding shoes at vysochennoj. If you can’t imagine your life without heels, soft-shoes you exactly will be uncomfortable. It is no secret that the short wedding dresses look spectacular with shoes with high heels and under her dress to the floor you can wear and shoes without heel. Choosing shoes or Sandals for a wedding, be sure to try them with the dress.

Depending on the season you may need a closed or open shoes. And maybe a few pairs (if, for example, a celebration is planned for the cold season, and part of the time you spend on the street, and another part in a room).

Wedding color shoes should ideally be combined with color dresses, they should also complement each other well. It is not necessary to take the white shoes under her dress color ivory.


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