How to choose wedding underwear


Go to search for clothes so seriously as to the choice of wedding dress and shoes. Don’t forget that you have to wear this underwear all day without removing it, but because it does not have anywhere else to rub, squeeze, creating discomfort, pinch the skin, creating folds. We suggest that you did not choose from her wardrobe and buy a new set for the wedding — you’ll feel especially beautiful and sexual.

First, buy a dress and then underwear. Until you know what the silhouette and fabric will be your attire, you will not be able to pick up the correct underwear. Of course, BRA strapless and backless suits for most dresses, but still it is better to wear with the dress.

If you are going to change the style at a party or another dress and put on there, you definitely need a second set of clothes. Or one that is suitable to the first and second dress. It is also worth to take into account during their search of the perfect Kit.

If you have a dress made of thin, translucent fabric, underwear can shine through, and in this case, you need to choose a set of colors as close as possible to the color of your skin.



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