Organization of wedding photo shoot


Of course, we recommend you schedule a photo shoot so that your guests won’t have to wait. For example, hold it in the morning, before the ceremony. But if your wedding day schedule doesn’t allow this, and time for a photo shoot is just after the ceremony, when all the guests had already gather, think about what to do with them so they don’t get bored while you are at shooting. We have a few ideas.

Feed guests

Your loved one will surely be prepare for the celebration in the early morning, not have time to really enjoy after the ceremony will be ready to eat. Enjoy a small lunch for them in the format of cocktail or buffet table! You can book a room or restaurant near the site of the ceremony and photo shoots, and can arrange a welcome party at the same venue, where the gala dinner.

Take your guests on a shot

If you have a wedding is planned only for loved ones, you can take guests on a shot. Just take the photo shoot no more than 1-1, 5:00 and discuss beforehand with the photographer that he should pay attention not only to you but also to visitors. You can even discuss the options frame, which will involve your relatives and friends.

Provide guests with entertainment

You can take guests by inviting artists who will perform in front of them, while you snap. It can be a little show from multiple rooms or live concert. Another option is to invite professionals and arrange master classes. Choose topics according to age and interests. And if guests much need several professionals of different orientation.


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