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5 reasons to turn to a professional


You are still in doubt, whether you need a wedding Organizer, or better to prepare celebrations? Wedding strongly recommends that you enlist the help of professionals, and here’s why.

7 things that can make a favorite guy


Wedding-feast of the two lovers, and it is therefore logical that in the preparation should involve both. Are there such cases, in addition to choosing a costume and a roster of guests who could groom? Of course there is! Moreover, in some moments you can not do without his help.

Rare groom will gladly deal with petty problems or routine chores that require diligence and accuracy. So everything that relates to Accessories, packaging, labels, printing and decor leave your organizer or mum and girlfriends. We have compiled a list of jobs that will be on the shoulder, and your beloved will not cause negative emotions from him.

How do I tell my parents that you will have a wedding


Most parents perceive children as your own personal wedding celebration. And it is not surprising that they want to talk about the celebration around the world and invite approximately half of those to whom they told. How to inform them that your plans is not included?

If you dream of a wedding Chamber, and your parents are eager to invite all the distant relatives, friends and colleagues, you will have a difficult conversation. Follow these 4 rules, so it went smoothly and no one stayed mad.

5 rules for a happy honeymoon


Honeymoon time special and unique. This no doubt when even the wife will be able to travel light? I’m not referring to suitcases, and emotional baggage-no feelings about repairs, mortgage and other small but inevitable domestic worries.

Joint recreation after the wedding is very important to family relations is a soft transition from free living together when you can learn new hand each other out dishes with soup on the stove and utensils in the sink.

However, there is one subtle point that should not be ignored. On vacation alone with each other, we can’t always escape from conflict and have no such luxury, how to accept having a change of scenery. To honeymoon brought young family only pleasant discoveries, it is desirable to take into account several nuances.


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5 reasons to turn to a professional

You are still in doubt, whether you need a wedding Organizer, or better to prepare celebrations? Wedding strongly recommends that you enlist the help...


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