What jewelry to wear to a wedding


1. The bride’s head Decoration in no event it is impossible to give a try on anyone else — so the girl gives the happiness of another.

2. Despite the fact that Pearl strand in some countries is considered to be an ideal gift for the bride to wear pearls on your wedding day is not recommended. This is believed to tears.

3. The happiest bride stone Turquoise is considered — omens necklace and earrings with turquoise promise long and full of the joys of marriage.

4. another sign said that the better to wear jewelry, instead of jewels — it promises happiness in marriage.

5. According to take his bride on the wedding day is not worth to wear no other rings other than wedding.

6. There is a belief that great fortune will bring the gift of mother of the bride: the wedding day morning she must give daughter family relic is the bracelet, brooch or some other decoration, which girl will keep until night.

7. should the bride wear Earrings, a married friend who happily married — so she give a piece of their happiness and luck bride.


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